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Launch & Rejuvenate Business and Brands

Knowing just what to ask leads to knowing exactly how to proceed. The only way to

know what you don't know - what you can't see - is to work with a beautiful mind. 

One that makes the leaps that bring forward what intuitively feels right and

obvious, after the fact. 

35 years of world-class experience and sweat-earned knowledge. C-suite wisdom. And entrepreneurial instincts. All lead to the questions that no one

else would ever think to ask. Yes, these are the questions that accelerate,

liberate and boost your business. 

Add to this the know-how and know-now, and your'e well on your way to your 

goals, dreams and vision taking flight.

Visionary Business Advisor

 Al Moffatt has helped over 130 companies, from disruptive start-ups to Fortune 500s, find just the right focus to the right chart a course to what's next. And precisely how to get there. 


This experience, combined with three time-tested Instant Insight Questions

 will chart a laser-like course to what's next and 

precisely how to get there - in a fraction of the time.


Whether it's expanding an established business, reinventing an organization or successfully getting your idea to market, a customized, collaborative 

program will be developed just for you and your company.


As business owner Wraquel B. said, "Al changed my whole view of my organization. 

I was able to see what's missing. He changed my life after one meeting."

Business Planning

Focus product, positioning, marketing, channels, and all aspects of your business to a clearly defined market with a unique, profitable benefit


From pro forma, to cash flow, to identifying innovative and unconventional ways to  launch, expand, merge, acquire, or exit


Take just the right steps at exactly the right time to help transform weaknesses into strengths and new market opportunities into revenue


Al Moffatt ~ Questions, Dots, Answers

I didn't talk until I was three. My mother tells the story of how I observed everything around me. And then one day I just started asking questions and seeking answers. I haven't stopped since. Along with mentors who taught me how to think, my innate ability to instantly connect the

dots leads to insights and answers that, while mind-blowing to others, are obvious to me.  

  • Successful Entrepreneur: Moffatt/Rosenthal among best ad agencies it's size

  • Reinvention: Lifted Worldwide Partners to be largest indie marketing network

  • International Expertise: Conduct business in over 50 countries worldwide 

  • Digital, Data, Analytics: Senior executive at Top 10 digital marketing firm

  • Win in Any Industry: 130+ entities, 50 industries, 35 years of experience

I work with serious start-ups to seasoned CEOs. My Instant Insights approach allows me to quickly assess and diagnose any situation. The result is an inspirational, practical, step-by-step program to help you and your team achieve your goals and vision with hard KPIs and

milestones, regardless of industry or company life stage.

My mission is simple: Help you and your business soar.


 What Clients Say

“Your experience and ideas for launching new businesses to advising established, growth-stage operations have been invaluable.”

John Bruck, 

“By the midpoint of our meeting you had grasped what took me two years to grasp."

John Innes,

"Your insight on our business plan and target marketing is greatly appreciated. I will be reviewing with my partners and implementing the plan."

Devin Maas, 
Canopy Distilling

"Universally, you're one of the best things entrepreneurs mention about KEC."

Jim Biggs, 
Knoxville Entrepreneur Center

Thanks for helping us reinvent the show. The branding looked great and the content was fantastic. We delivered on our promise of reinvention."

Paul Kriebs, 
National Retail Federation

“Your advice was so right on. I would have never thought to go in that direction.”

Flower Houlihan, 
Bottle Rocket Films

 My Joy: Helping Companies & People Succeed

Clients ~ Start-Ups to Fortune 500

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